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EcoPark progress exceeds expectations, volunteers shine

Originally posted in April 2021

Thanks to our amazing group of volunteers who have shoveled, raked, poured, sawed, drilled, hauled, sweat, AND froze at the park over the past several weekends, we are well on our way to completing the new green space and stormwater management site this summer. To date, we have completed the installation and staining of the property line and rain garden fencing, built the raised herb garden bed, planted four trees along with several rain garden shrubs and holly bushes, and installed the new EcoPark sign. Last fall, Etna Borough, Etna Public Works, and Eisler Landscapes were able to collaborate on the rain garden construction. Etna Public Works will soon begin installing the permeable paver walkway, with site furniture to be delivered shortly after. In mid-May, we will be advertising planting days to finish the rain garden and other plantings that will make this park really come to life!

In the coming months, look out for the completion of the kinetic sculpture by local artist Lindsay Huff, educational signage by artist Trenita Finney, the installation of a little pantry, and the arrival of many, many plants by locally-owned landscape company Phyto Bello.

We’d like to do a special shout out to all the volunteers who have given of their time and energy to this project over the past several weekends: Alexis, Will, Essi, Veni, Kim, Ed, Tim, Tom, Liz, Kate, Steve, Alice, Maureen, Alex, Jordan, Kendra, Josh, Namm, Rick, Tyler, Jess, Joyce, Allison, Jessica, Elizabeth, Josh, Michael, and Robbie! We've also had a generous donation of treats and drinks from Vicki, Kim, Tyler, and Redhawk Coffee. We're appreciative to Saint Matthew Parish and Dave Becki for helping coordinate water usage.

And a very special thank you to Tim Miller, who applied his trade and built the rain garden fence over three Saturdays with skill and speed that astounded us all! We are so lucky to live in a community of helpers. It is clear that there isn’t anything we can’t do when we work together.

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