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Communities come together for library conversations

Originally published in April 2021

This month, the Triboro Community Library System Study will be wrapping up and our consultants at Fourth Economy will deliver their report. The study looked into the feasibility of developing a library system in Etna, Sharpsburg, and Millvale that would share staffing and resources, and that would be connected to the greater network of libraries throughout Allegheny County. This study was funded by The Forbes Funds, led by the Allegheny County Library Association, and included representation from each community.

In March, three public meetings were held to discuss the Triboro Community Library System concept with community members and stakeholders. The meetings were focused on the vision for the library system, the programs and services that would be available, the type of model that would work best, and funding streams that would need to be accessed. Each session was attended by a wide variety of individuals from each community, and they brought forth many valuable ideas and discussions about this possible library structure. This study was an important step in bringing library services to Etna, and it helped to build consensus between the three communities on the idea of forming a new system that could benefit the existing libraries in Millvale and Sharpsburg and the future library in Etna.

If you were unable to join or would like to review the slides again, here is a link to what was shown at the open-to-the-public meetings. Please note that this information was presented "in progress" and that this is an exploratory study where no commitments have been made to date. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this process. We look forward to continuing on this journey of bringing back a much-needed resource to our community.

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