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Young learners discover nature in Etna

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

"Do you know that this park has a job?" asked environmental educator Judith Koch at the first Nature Night at EcoPark. To the youngsters and their caretakers, Ms. Koch explained all about the important role that the park plays in managing stormwater through its large rain garden, permeable pavers, and vegetated areas.

Aside from water mitigation, the plants at the park are food for pollinators such as birds and insects. The young participants went on a nature scavenger hunt together and found seeds, bees, and caught sight of a cheerful, yellow finch that was happily munching on the raingarden's chokeberries. It was magical to see the kids learning about nature in the midst of the urban environment.

Jessica Kirin brought her 2-year-old daughter, Ruby, to the event. Jessica said,

"My little one and I had such a great time at Nature Nights! We’re so grateful to have a safe and educational space to learn not just about the nature around us, but of the history of the park as well. Judith is knowledgeable and captivates the kids. What a special night for fun, learning and community!"

In addition to learning about this amazing little park, participants engaged in a nature art activity. Artist Carya Cornell brought their hand crafted nature stamps which depict leaves and animals for kids to create their own posters and postcards. Parents and kids alike munched on pizza and popsicles. It was a beautiful night at the park and a great way to connect with the nature right down the street.

The next Nature Nights event will be held on Tuesday, September 27th at 6PM with free food, drink, popsicles again. Hope to see you there!

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