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New Urban Walking Trail to be installed in February 2021

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Originally published on February 1, 2021

By now, you've probably noticed the "Big Easy Loop" walking trail signs that guide you on a path through our downtown corridor. The Etna Urban Walking Trails were first mapped by Etna resident Judy Neelan and were revived in 2019 by the Shaler Area GATE program students.

We're excited to announce that another trail will soon be coming to Etna - the "Sustainability Stroll." Thanks to the efforts of our neighbor Judith Koch who secured an Environmental Education grant from the PA Department of Environmental Protection, we now have funding to create another marked walking trail that will guide pedestrians past many of Etna's green initiatives! Judith conducted a survey in 2020 to hear from residents on what Etna places represent "sustainability" to them. The places identified by respondents were quite an impressive collection of green infrastructure installations completed by Etna Borough, such as the beautiful and innovative streetscape along Butler Street, as well as the rain gardens on Freeport and Walnut Streets. It will also highlight the beloved community garden, the Garden of Etna, and the new solar canopy and charging station just outside. Of course, it will take a swing by the Dougherty Nature Trail and meander along Pine Creek. The trail ends at the future Etna EcoPark as a destination for both gathering with neighbors and learning about sustainability. Look out for the sign installation in February 2021!

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