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Etna-Sharpsburg Earth Day Challenge a HUGE success!

Originally posted in May 2021

The inaugural Etna-Sharpsburg Earth Day Challenge in 2019 exceeded our expectations for both the turnout and the environmental impact on our region. The friendly competition brought out many new volunteers and elevated our sense of camaraderie and community spirit. We were eager to keep that momentum going in 2020, but as we know things came to a halt last April. Missing our annual cleanup last year meant that our streets needed extra attention, and we were unsure if we could recapture the spirit of 2019 again. Fortunately, our neighbors came through in a big way once again in 2021, and we once again had a successful Earth Day Cleanup, with a few new adaptations for this unique year.

Because we had to avoid large gatherings this year, an online signup sheet was created so that residents and volunteers could adopt a street in Etna to clean up on Earth Day with their "Pandemic Pods." This was advertised online and through the use of door hangers which were dispersed throughout the borough. A special THANK YOU to all who helped pass out the door hangers in an effort to reach more of our neighbors and inform them about the event. We are so happy to report that we had 100% of our streets adopted for the cleanup! EVERY. SINGLE. STREET. In all, Etna had 171 volunteers, and the challenge overall had 296 volunteers from both boroughs. The result is two cleaner, healthier communities!

We are grateful to our Executive Director Megan who quarterbacked the event planning and execution, the Borough Office who worked to obtain the dumpster, Public Works who collected the garbage from street corners, but most of all, we thank MAYOR TOM RENGERS who went the extra mile for us. Click here to see a gallery of photos. We’d like to give a special thanks to all of those who showed up to care for our community: Etna volunteers: Jason, Ken, and Nickie; Dave, Judi, Keith, Ivy, Andrea, Bonnie, Linda, Ellen, Mary Lou, Kara, Laney, Anna, Natalie, Allison, Lorelei, Leila, Bridget, April; Edith; Alexis and Will; Lou and Mary Ellen; Ruth, Hugo, and Taz; Chelsea; Kim, Ed, and Morgan; Heather and Chris; Chelsea, Libby, Katie, James, and Emily; Elizabeth, Tom, Lilly, Liam; Fred and Elizabeth; Dylan; Rosie and the other 13 Friends of the Riverfront volunteers; Alice, Steve, Violet, Leeland, Bodie, Judith, and Kate (aka "The Pine Creek Pickers"); Tanya; Anita and Kevin, Meg, Tom, and Liz; Tom Jr; Christopher, Jennifer, and Stephen; Judy; Christina and Richard; Mary Ellen and Pete; Diane; Mrs. S; Vickey and Ron; Megan, Robbie, Lee, Lynda, Alex, and Leo; Connie; Lynn and Jim; Matt; Cathy; Julie and Alecia; Kendra and Nam; Marleen; Danielle and the other 15 volunteers from Emmanuel Lutheran Church; Debbie; Norma and the other 8 volunteers from Lively Pittsburgh and University of Pittsburgh; Anita, Sue, Glen, Allie, Minna, and Spencer; Tara; Hayley; Tammy; Jessica, Lydia, Anna, and Josh; Tom, Sandy, Bob, and Leo; Katie; Michael; Holly; Jennifer; Sue; Agnieszka and daughter; Lindsay, Iva, Joshua, and Nicole; Joyce; Rich; Karen; Tracy and Mike; Sharon; Michelle and two children; Deborah; Debra; Carl, Beth, Shemar, and Lisa; Brad and Rich


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