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Etna needs more sign-ups for Earth Day, Sharpsburg leads

Originally posted in April 2021

It appears that Sharpsburg has taken the lead with more online volunteer sign-ups than Etna. We beg you, Etna: don't let us down. Imagine in your mind the sad plastic bottle rolling down the street . . . unbagged and ready to clog a sewer. Just picture Sharpsburg Mayor Matt Rudzki raising the Earth Day Cup above his head. Try to reckon with the fact that Etna would have to bear the shame for a whole year. What will we tell our children and grandchildren? With just five days remaining, Etna has 58 spots left to fill and we need your help. Don't wait a moment longer; sign up here:

The event will be held on April 24th from 9-12 a.m. in each respective borough. Etna residents and volunteers are encouraged to “adopt a street” using the form at Each community will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Number of signed up volunteers

  • Amount of trash collected

  • Level of social media participation

Each municipality’s trash collections will be judged at the culmination of the clean-up by County Councilwoman Anita Prizio. Participants can find the results of the competition on ECO’s social media pages. Volunteers should post photos of themselves cleaning up our streets and green spaces on those sites and using the hashtag #TriboroCleanup21 and #etnaearthday. Remember, social media posts are part of the judging criteria this year, so get snapping, Etnians. Ten volunteers who share their photos will be awarded a gift certificate from a local business!

Once you have signed up, you can collect your free gloves, bags, and BRIGHT green high visibility vests at the Etna Borough Building during regular business hours during the week prior to the event. We encourage all volunteers to participate only with those in their “Pandemic Pods” to maintain safety at this event. Please place your filled trash bags on the street corner where you are cleaning, and Etna Public Works will pick them up and transfer them to our community dumpster to be judged. Thanks so much to the Etna Public Works for helping with the challenge again this year, and to all of the residents, groups, and friends of Etna who have signed up. It is sure to be a great event, and we can’t wait to gather again for next year’s Earth Day Challenge!

If you have any further questions, reach out the Megan at

Happy cleaning!

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