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Next up: "Public Safety in Etna" community meeting

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

The Library Series will continue this month with the third installment: "Public Safety in Etna". At this meeting we will hear from local first responders about the different trainings, initiatives, and programs that they are involved in to help address issues such as mental health and addiction, and how they keep our communities safe.

At the meeting we will hear from:

  • Greg Porter, Etna VFD Chief

  • Kelley Brodrick Kelley, LEAD Community Engagement Coordinator for CONNECT

  • Tim Rodman, Etna Police Chief

  • Eric Schmidt, Hampton/Shaler EMS Chief

  • Katrina Mink, Coordinator of the Social Work in Libraries Program at ACLA

Chief Rodman and Kelley Brodrick Kelley will join us to discuss the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program that will be piloted in several northern Pittsburgh Communities. CONNECT will be looking for community members to become involved in this new initiative in an advisory capacity. We'll also hear from two important figures who keep our community safe: Greg Porter, who is the Director of Ross/Westview EMS, an Etna Councilman, and the Chief of the Etna Volunteer Fire Department (so, he's busy!); and Eric Schmidt, Chief of Shaler/Hampton EMS which serves Etna Borough. Finally, Katrina Mink from the Allegheny County Library Association will join us to discuss their program for implementing social workers into regional libraries.

As always, dinner and drinks will be provided. The program begins at 6PM at Etna's Pop-up Library (341 Butler St). Be sure to sign up to attend in person here as space is limited. You can also log on using this link to watch in real time. Contact with any questions. Hope to see you there!

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