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Guide to Etna Art Tour 2022

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

The eighth annual Etna Art Tour is on Saturday 9/24 from 4-10PM. In total, you will have the chance to hear nine bands on Butler Street, visit 18 local businesses with special events, see 28 artists and vendor tents, tour +10 artist studios at 412 Studios, and stop by the mill redevelopment at 51 Bridge St. where two DJs, four live painters, and a silent auction will be taking place.

This your guide to seeing all of the great offerings of this year's event. We've loaded this post with hyperlinks so you could take a look in-advance, or come back to this page after the tour and learn more about someone you saw.

Live Music

Along Butler Street, nine bands will take the stage and alternate performances between two locations: Butler/Bridge and Butler/Walnut. We're proud that this event is being produced using renewable energy from ZeroFossil's solar stage - including both stage lighting and sound.

4:00PM Sierra Sellers

4:40PM Samuel Boateng & ADEPA

5:20PM Woodland Creatures

6:00PM Megan Paullet

6:40PM Lindsay Dragan

7:20PM 4 YAADI

8:00PM Feralcat

8:40PM Pierce Dipner

9:20PM Tiny Wars

Hosts: Jessica Semler, Tom Rengers

Other chances to see live music during EAT22: Porky's Bar & Grill (34 Bridge St) will host Jane West from 5-7PM; Ernie B's Rock-n-roll Barbershop (345 Butler St) will have Langerr perform at 7PM.

Map & Sticker Passport

To encourage greater interaction and to have a fun activity for all ages, we are launching our first Sticker Passport for EAT22. If you're curious how it works, listen to Leo (age 6) describe how to use it in this short video. Upon arrival on Butler St, be sure to stop by one of the EAT22 volunteers who will be passing out paper guides. Thirty locations/participants along EAT22 will have stickers available to collect. Individuals who complete their Sticker Passport will be our first EAT Champions!

In addition, the paper guides will have a map to all participating locations or you can use this Google map on your phone.

Special event at 51 bridge St

Opening for the first time to the general public, EAT22 attendees will be able to see the transformation happening at 51 Bridge St. Thanks to the developer, The AM Group, people will walk through the interior of the building and witness the former mill / future techflex space come to life with art and music. We ask that you consider participating in the first silent auction and submit a bid for one of the live paintings as all proceeds will go to fund future EATs.


DJ Femi

Wade Anthony

Live Painters:

Ashanté Josey

Camo Nesbit

Cue Perry

Trenita Finney


The AM Group

Ya Jagoff!

Artist & Vendor Street Fair

In canopies lining Butler St, the Street Fair is back with many new artists and vendors. Throughout the 28 tents, you'll have a chance to purchase everything from transcendental paintings to ethical taxidermy. We're proud that a great number of these participants are Etna-based or from one of our nearby communities - making this a hyperlocal event of neighbors supporting neighbors. From our nonprofit partners, the Positive Painting Project will invite participants to create positive art canvases, the Triboro Ecodistrict and New Sun Rising will showcase solar kits, and we'll be collecting input on the vision for the Etna Branch of the Rivertown Libraries. Don't forget to pick up your EAT22 tee-shirt and make a EAT22 screen print poster, both courtesy of our dear friends, Etna Print Circus.

Black Cat Art by Becky

Charmed Accessories


Elfinwild Farms Beef Jerky

Etna Art Tour Shirts

Etna Branch - Rivertown Libraries

Etna Print Circus*

Foxhole Finds

Frost Feather

Han Swoish



James Wodarek

Jennifer Gillespie**

Justine Pike

Kenneth Lutz

Lucky Sign Spirits

Michael Fratangelo - Visionary Artist

MK Noonan

PGH Print Ship*

The Positive Painting Project

Rachel Rodkey

Sarah Jameson



Triboro Ecodistrict / New Sun Rising


Zoey Bruzdewicz

*Etna business displaying at Street Fair

**Displaying a painting with ECO

Open House at 412 Studios

Step inside 412 Studios and visit local artists and makers right in the spaces that they work. Returning after a two-year hiatus, we are so excited 412 Studios is back on the tour so that attendees can learn about each studio's specialty. A must-see is Tom Mosser's studio where truly epic art is made - from his "Really Big Faces" to "Sports Ball Logo Paintings".

Brian McDermott, 1st Flr, #678

Candii Collars, #654

Dodi Fox Dean, 2nd Flr, #709

“Getting Trashed”, P. Shebell, #747

Harry Izenour, 1st Flr, #650

The Koza Clothing Company, #743

On The Rocks Designs, 1st Flr

The Silk Studio, 2nd Flr, #735

Timothy Kelley, #144

Tom Mosser

& more

Participating Storefronts

Our local businesses are going the extra mile to offer EAT22 attendees something unique and special. See an art show by Kevin Cope at .5 Gallery, participate in an "obstacle course" at Ideal Dance, or hear Jeff Fieldhouse comedy at Ernie B's. Plentiful options for food and drink will be available at the Rear End, Porky's, E-Town, Cop Out, Bitter End, and Big Mike's. Demonstrations are taking place at MetaMorph and Jester's Court. Betty's will be having a special chair raffle and Pollak's will have samples of delicious treats. But for the sake of our library project, please stop by Divertido and pick up a quirky button as part of a fundraiser they are hosting for us. In addition to their awesome businesses, Mary Ellen (Divertido) and Tom (Pixel River) have been working to fill some of the vacant storefront windows with graphics. How lucky we are to have local businesses who give back to their community.

.5 Gallery

Betty's Upholstery

Big Mike's Tavern & Grill

Bitter End

Burke and Haas Always in Bloom

Cop Out Pierogies


E-Town Bar & Grille

Ernie B's Rock-n-Roll Barbershop

Ideal Dance

Jester's Court Tattoos

Kobold's Keep

MetaMorph Jewelry Studio

Pollak's Candies

Porky's Bar & Grill

Rear End Gastropub & Garage


It will take 58 volunteers to run the Etna Art Tour; we're in need of volunteers who can help keep the Etna Art Tour a free event. We are giving an EAT22 shirt to each individual who signs up to volunteer. Please consider giving two hours or more by signing up here.


The Etna Art Tour continues in its eighth year thanks to the generous support from local organizations:

Borough of Etna

Etna Community Organization

Etna Economic Development Corp.

Triboro Ecodistrict

The AM Group

Please consider donating here


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